• Rural America Is Running Out Of Teachers (HBO)
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4:45 sums it up. 35,000 a year. 35,000 a year to put up with the education system. 35,000 a year to put up with conservatives stepping on every benefit you have. 35,000 a year for the state(s) to pull from your pension funds. 35,000 a year where one upset student making one allegation can end your career or force you to uproot and move. 35,000 a year to deal with screaming parents insisting that their little Billy could never do x, y, and z. 350,000 a year to deal with administrative pressure making it impossible to fail students because if too many fail you lose funding. And they wonder why people aren't interested? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9Mc3VYwIck&feature=youtu.be&t=50s
Exactly why I am changing my major from teaching asap. This last semester has been nothing but my professors saying "It's great to be a teacher. You made the right choice. Except for reasons a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z"
When I was in high school there were only so many teachers that even bothered/were capable of teaching their classes. In my junior year there was a sit in protest organized by the students because they were going to send some of our best teachers to the other high school in town for like, balancing or whatever... Anyway basically the entire school protested it and it was crazy.
Meanwhile schools put so much more money into their athletic programs.
I get the feeling this is a somewhat universal problem because the more general complaints of these I've heard a bunch before. High pressure and lots of hours with pay that doesn't come close to properly compensating for it.
I can't help but feel like the generation and social classes in government look down on educated individuals in general which has just lead to an overall decline in value for education. Trying to educate yourself and then use that knowledge is seen as "pretencious." "Oh, you think you know everything, now that you went to school?" It's ridiculous. It's seen as such a low priority, now.
Athlete programs generate money. Book clubs do not.
In my experiences the Athletic programs have just been a drain on resources (for example, my Alma Mater is losing $39 million dollars on sports) and sources of controversy (at the high school I graduated from, there is a HUGE scandal where a dude brought onto the athletic staff was having relationships with multiple underaged girls and the administration covered it up).
More of a reason why we need to get jackasses like Devos off of the Fed Dept of Education. More money needs to go to public rural schools and other underfunded schools. Not private schools. Urban and more populous locations tend to be able to better sustain themselves on city or state level tax money because there's more economic activity in that area.
Please god show me a high School football team that has ever made money. My god this has to be the dumbest thing I've read all day.
Sometimes it's more malicious than that. An educated populace is the greatest threat to would-be tyrants. People who know how to think critically and research independently are much harder to lie to and manipulate. There's a reason why there is an inverse relationship with level of education and likelyhood to vote GOP, and subsequently why the GOP has so much disdain for public education.
Putting the money aside some part for the lack of teachers is not everyone likes rural areas or gets bored of it after awhile just like I don't see myself living in a bigger city (i live in a more rural area than this and not US). And whenever someone from a rural area pursues a teaching career they usually come back to the same town to teach.
That's the common belief, not my belief.
How would you know that huh, nerd
I kinda wonder how much extra pay would actually help Teaching isn't just a shitty job because of mediocre pay, if it gave like, 50-60k per year (which would be p. good in most rural places) it'd still suck due to all of the politics, layers of bureaucracy, and long hours involved. For the education usually required to get into teaching, you can do a looot better in more regards, which I believe is compounding with already-existing rural flight issues.
Consider the following: less than 1% of high school athletes will become professional athletes, more than half of all high school students will be employed within five years of graduation, more than two thirds will be in college. So, which benefits more students, athletics, or academics?
50-60k is competitive with a lot of STEM jobs you'd find in rural areas. Keep in mind that in places like central Wisconson you can buy a gross of (admitedly not 'Grade A Large') eggs for like 5-8 dollars. The costs of everything are astronomically cheaper, especially property. Cheap enough that 60 is enough to live adequately as a single income household. You aren't upper middle class, but you aren't poor, which on it's own functions as quite a solid safety net. Slap a 30 year 80+% pension on top and you'd have plenty of people interested.
A lot of people, Not rural voters though.
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