• Nobody Visits This Country... (Moldova)
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That's a really shitty situation to be in, but I can only imagine what a local's reaction would be if they found out that this guy is the most well-known thing to come out of Moldova https://i.imgur.com/ss4fxWc.png
The Republic of Moldova is a failed state that in a couple of decades will become depopulated. It's funny how they keep refusing the idea of union with Romania, which would save them.
As a Romanian myself, I'm curious to learn what makes Moldova a failed state. I haven't looked into Moldova's history much, but certainly there must have been a reason they have not unified with Romania on the Great Union Day in 1918.
transylvania is hungarian
What do you mean they didn't unify în 1918?
very interesting channel, i like what i've seen from a few videos so far. these ex-soviet states scare the shit out of me for some reason. i don't know what it is but i wouldn't feel safe just walking around especially with a camera out, but everyone he comes across seems really nice and friendly.
What exactly scares you about them? What do you think could happen?
i'm not sure, i guess its just such a different place to what i'm used to and i don't know anything about them.
From a Romanian standpoint, are Romanian politicians actually willing to fix Moldova if they could? Look at this mess, it would gonna cost a fortune to get the region back on its feet. Are there actually Romanians who'd like to fix it all up?
Is this the guy that did that video about the Belarus exclusion zone recently?
romanian politicians aren't even willing to fix romania
Yeah, thought so.
Tried all I could to stay in Romania but even with all the brain drain happening from Romania to other parts of the EU, Romania is incredibly protectionist and it's a behemoth to be able to make business or work in Romania as a foreigner I'm still looking to find a way to move back there
This entire area is being fucked by brain drain (ruining the gene pool) caused by politicians paid by foreigners to deliberately keep the country fucked so they can't compete Anyways, my dad works there, should ask him what he thinks
it looks like STALKER country
I was on about how in 1918, when the Great Union happened, the Republic of Moldova didn't partake in the unification with the other states like South Bucovina and Transylvania. I've only done a very minimal and barebones amount of research, but from what I very minimally read the idea of uniting with Moldova back then was simply not.. discussed. Nonetheless, it became a discussion point which seems to have lasted to this very day, for us to debate on good old Facepunch out of all places. Again, I may be talking completely out of my arse and be completely misinformed - feel free to call out to any points that are factually incorrect so I can be brought up to speed on what actually happened.
Ew this guy is such a sociopath. Didn't know Moldova looks exactly like Russia. In fact, Kishinev looks like my own city some 20 years ago. Soviet buildings are butt ugly, but abandoned soviet buildings look hellish.
Corrupt border guards who will gladly take everything you have
I kinda like brutalist architecture though. I know it is easy for me to say that because I don't live in a european city like Kishinev. I would definitely visit it just to experience that simply because it is something just different from a era long gone.
Quite the statement to drop and not open up at all
I don't know what you read, but Romania did unite with Moldova (Basarabia) in 1918, and then WW2 came and the Soviets stole it back again. The Republic of Moldova is in such a state, that they would feel the benefits of unification instantly, before any actual action could be taken by the Romanian government. Bigger wages, bigger pensions, access to EU funds, private investments that would come flooding in, and access for their own companies to a much larger domestic market. Romania has it's own part of Moldova still, just to compare: https://i.redd.it/quz743ve1qg21.png And Moldova is the poorest region of Romania. And here is the center of Iasi: http://iasifun.ziaruldeiasi.ro/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Palas-Iasi.jpg The difference is huge.
Romania looks like a nice place to potentially visit.
The way he finds no problem invading other people's personal space tells me everything. I'm viscerally sensitive to sociopaths. But since that's apparently a heavy accusation, let me put all the obvious stuff: I'm not saying he should be medicated or arrested or anything. Sociopathy doesn't necessarily means "criminal in the making". He just triggers me a lot because I grew up around sociopaths who could be very nice and extremely cruel and had no problem with people's personal space, but he is not them.
or maybe he's just finding conversation with people like a normal human being. if anybody is the sociopath, it's you.
What the hell are you talking about? This man exhibits none of the traits of a person with antisocial personality disorder. He’s clearly a man of documentarian spirit. A person with ASPD wouldn’t feel any kind of remorse to the people he meets, be it lambasting politicians on voter-posters or quietly reflecting on a broken down couch about the poverty surrounding him.
It has nothing to do with him having conversations but little mannerisms which make it seem like he treats people like objects. I trust my gut. You can think whatever you want, I don't feel invested defending my gut because it means nothing to you, nor should it.
Your "gut" is absolutely irrelevant. ASPD is a serious medical, mental condition. You can't just throw terms like "sociopath" around. It's much more than "little mannterisms". There are very strict criteria for how mental disorders are diagnosed, and "gut feeling" sure as hell isn't one of them. http://www.psi.uba.ar/academica/carrerasdegrado/psicologia/sitios_catedras/practicas_profesionales/820_clinica_tr_personalidad_psicosis/material/dsm.pdf
Let me ask you one thing, can you throw a person into MRI and diagnose sociopathy? The answer is no. So what does that leave us with? Yes, a gut of medical professional. Or several guts of several professionals. Usually instantiated after a person in question done some trouble, after the harm was done (as it should be). I have as much right to say that he seems like a sociopath to me as he does have a right to point at a poster and say "thief". There's literally no problem with that. Stop worshiping DSM, it's nowhere near as solid as you think it is.
... no, no it's not. It's not just a "gut of a medical professional", but you are right - medical PROFESSIONAL is the key here. Professionals who know that mental disorders require criteria. You can't look at someone who's a little bit energetic and go "Yeah, they probably have ADHD". You can't look at someone who's sad and go "Yeah, they're definetely depressed". You can't look at someone who's selfish a lot and say "Yeah, they're definetely narcissistic". These are all serious mental conditions with strict outlines of diagnosis, ranging from how long symptoms have occured, to what extent they affect a persons daily life or the life of people arround them and much more. You can't throw buzzwords like "sociopath" around, say your "gut instinct" is right and leave it at that. Do you afford the same cheap tricks to people with physical illness? Some guy sneezed near you so he must clearly have cancer, right? I mean, your gut instinct tells you so, so it must be the case, right? No need for that MRI, no need for blood tests - you've got gut instinict! Thank you, doctor JewelCase, you've revolutionized the medical world with your insight! You may have that right, but it doesn't make you right. You're still wrong. You're coming off as a bit of a non-chalant, know-it-all asshole. So there is a problem with that. It literally is though. It's the handbook for diagnosing mental disorders across the globe. Even then, with your seemingly irrational hatred of the DSM (???), that is not the only point of reference on ASPD. It's referred to as  Dissocial personality disorder (DPD) in the ICD, and they follow similar diagnostic criteria.
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