• JonTron - Dr Ho: License to Practice
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it was ok
The opening ad is straight-up awful
I don't even know what JonTron is supposed to be about anymore. At this point it's just "wow I found this funny, lemme share it with ya guys with a shitton of production value".
That hunchback joke was so badly timed
its just better to go "BROUGHT TO YOU BY SOUL EATER" really not even being sarcastic, it really is...
Holy shit I didn't even think about that. When he said that I should forget everything I know about mobile games, I assumed it wouldn't have microtransactions. In general, I hate it when YouTube videos have opening sponsorships. People like Lindybeige where he'll just name the sponsor at the beginning but only do the blurb half-way through are much better.
I think it's more "Oh shit my sponsors need a video, quick gimmie a subject." Luckily it's usually entertaining but who knows how long that'll last.
He should do skits and shorts like the opening of Flex Tape 2, which I thought was legitimately funny and he's clearly capable of pulling off.
I understand the necessity of sponsors to pay the bills but man as a viewer it's kinda cringey, especially the garbo mobile game ads.
Most people don't seem to mind the flex tape stuff but man spending two videos just hocking somebody's tape as an infomericial really leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
Just a reminder that JonTron is a white supremacist.
It was what killed him officially for me, his ressurection video was a fucking advertisement for meme tape.
Oh, I don't know, because it had nothing to do with the video. It's not like we weren't all swarming the thread when that shit went down.
Thanks, next time, try saying this alongside the "shut up", so that it's not pure bitching without reason. JonTron's politics have been talked about very extensively on here, and he hasn't dabbled in political content at all since then, so we kinda exhausted the conversation, and there's nothing new to address. I sure as hell don't think it means we should never talk about it again, but that's definitely a reason why it's an awkward thing to bring up, especially in an apolitical context - a lot better than "shut up"
I def. hopped off the JonTronTrain when that came up but I'm not going to start climbing up a hill to die on to say "HEY GUYS REMEMBER HE SUCKS" because like, it's honestly pointless to. If people are still posting and enjoying him, do you really think they care to hear it?
Tbf I'd rather see Youtubers do something funny with their sponsors than have to watch a minute long high production commercial for a shit mobile game. Bonus points of the actor they got is super famous and crazy attractive. Jontron and others try something to not be total shills but blame YouTube for their fucked up algorithms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npXp3Ej-i_w
I feel like Jon has kind of lost his touch ever since he moved away from video games. He's just not as funny as he used to be imo.
This one had its moments but its not the same high like old Jontron. I think part of it is that I'm just burned out on cheesy ads. Where's some games, or even cheesy 90's made for TV/video movies? That shit was when JT was in his prime.
Anytime a youtuber I watch starts rattling on about "this video is sponsored by X Y and Z" I just skip foward a couple minutes because I really can't be fucking bothered. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOG-XPjIAmw Whether it's lords mobile, betterhelp, squarespace, whatever the fuck it is it's usually shitty. But youtube did kind of fuck everybody with adpocalypse 1 and 2, so I understand from a business perspective, it's just cringey.
That really wasn't too great but the Dr Ho Manuscript caught me good. It's certainly not classic JonTron, that's for sure.
Yeah i'm not gonna trust the moral claims made by someone who's body of political ideas have a killcount approximately equal or greater than the black plague. Also it'd be really bizzare if he was a white supremicist, given that he's mostly jewish, and they want holocaust v2 "it actually happened this time" special edition.
Cool. The video was still funny.
Like I said, this is a pretty awkward place to try and discuss this, people are here for JonTron humor, not for politics. This was also talked to death. Awkward as it may be, I feel the need to point out that he did, in fact, repeat white supremacist talking points verbatim. This was 2 years ago, he hasn't dabbled in politics since, and many of the fans who took issue with it have long forgiven him. If you're interested in a discussion it's best to find another place, though I don't think it's offtopic to talk about Jontron in a Jontron thread, this is just beating a dead horse at this point
I miss the clock tower era of Jontron, that was his best video IMO.
jontron is my favourite reaction channel
I always fucking lose it when he brings up the gene pool.
My roomie says Jontron literally peaked during the "I AIIIIIIIN'T HAVIN' THAT SHIT~" joke in the Nightshade review. Can't help but agree.
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