• Youtuber Tier List (Dunkey)
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oh god nostalgia critic killed me good list dunk
It is now THE standard to rate the internets by
I kinda miss when my favorite youtubers didnt just make the same videos with each other across all of their different channels like i get it idubbz is funny and he legitimately makes any video he's in funnier, but at the same time i kinda wish we had less of these guys collabing/copying/patting each other on the back - as a whole and of course I don't mean literally every single video when I say this, just feel like i gotta throw that out there prior to posting
I genuinely forgot Grade A existed.
It’s true though. A lot of YouTube content has become about YouTube content.
i didnt because of that internet historian video that was in my recommended for like a week and wouldn't go away so i watched the whole thing yesterday.
I think this is inherent to a creative culture. Just think about how many movies there are about movies, or songs about making songs.
Which can be interesting for sure, but I feel as though it has become extremely low effort content in the youtube sphere.
I know this video is a joke on Idubbbz' tier list videos, but putting Scott the Woz on the same level as Idubbbz is just insulting, Scott should be higher up
he doesn't know that reviewbrah's word is law? shame
It's a double-meta injoke, getting personally sniffy about any part of it means you need to go outside stare at the sky and considering maybe the world needs less opinions about opinions, not more.
Have you ever stopped to think that your petty snipes are completely unneeded and just make you look like an asshole?
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