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Not even mad.
Someone at Warner Bros. is getting a pink slip.
i can't believe Pikachu said that at 47:36
They did an incredible job on the design and models and animation of the pokemon
Reported OP for warez enjoy the ban LMAO
Delicious sightings of people who did nothing other than see the title.
Amazing so far. The CGI is so realistic you will shit your diaper full and then some. This is the best movie I've ever seen in the past 10 years, which was previously held by The Last Airbender. 8.8/10
90s televised dance workout is an underappreciated aesthetic
Yo wtf this isn't Sonic.
that was worth sitting through. thanks, op!
Jim Carrey was amazing as Robotnik, totally carried the movie.
I can't believe mudkip is fucking DEAD
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/133737/05fd2954-417e-48f9-a05f-a4f58d7e7165/image.png Holy shit, Ryan Reynolds. Did you really hate the movie so much that you just uploaded the whole thing to Youtube? I mean I agree that whole sequence with Gary Oak literally becoming the very best, like no one ever was; to train pokemon was his real test, to train them was his cause was just wrong. Absolutely shameless and deserves no place in a kid-facing movie -- and that Garywas that Pikachu's trainer all along is just such a huge slap in the face for the canon and show immense disrespect to the source material. I can understand your frustration for being forced into a relationship with Gary 'fight me fucker so I can feel my grandpa's validation oh god why am I so lonely fighting is literally the only reason I exist now' Oakwithout your knowing, advance, consent but geez bud. I respected you man. I respected you.
Delicious sightings of people who don't get jokes or sarcasm at all
holy shit the Pikachu animation is actually pretty good and the soundtrack is on point.
Wtf did picklechu do to you
The bit in the third act when pikachu tried to advocate his ability to say the N word for five minutes seemed really out of place.
Truly an eye watering film. Avengers Endgame has nothing on this.
And with a hard R too.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1755/1f261b72-0d8b-434f-bdf0-97030cd80ed6/image.png 💯
I knoooooooow. And I heard (my dad works at Nintendo) that it will be canon to the games too.
turn on the captions, it has link to the REAL full movie.
My torrent’s stuck at 99.6%, please seed!!!!
oops sorry
Are you fucking with me?
I got about 2.5 loops in before my mind couldn't believe it was just a part of the movie.
*turns seeding to the minimum settings* he he he
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