• Enter the Secret Aquarium - 0x A Presses (Commentated) [NOT PANNENKOEK]
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goad2ijHBE8 excellent video
I don't get why M64 community gets a pass for this obsessive investigating Like if some rando rayman or sonic player spent hundreds of hours like this they would be the next Chris-chan or Ulillillia
Don't see how this is comparable to Chris-chan. Chris-chan's obsessions with Sonic is different and goes beyond being a hobby or passion, since it affected not only his own life, but those around him as well. Ulillillia had his Bubsy 3D expertise as a surface level thing he's infamous about, but it also goes beyond that with his paranoia with certain things and how much the game's extended outside the games themselves and through his life. The Mario 64 community are just passionate players who are showing technicalities and stuff that they found due to their love of the game, and have shown them to people to share their enjoyment out of it. No one's getting harmed, nor are they implying any sort of connotations that makes this something beyond than just a tight knit hobby of a beloved video game for years. Just some nerds sharing nerdy things.
You might should look into why you seem to be repulsed by other people's passion.
probably because they find it fun? jeez
this is truly amazing
last I checked, Panenkoek never maced a gamestop employee because of mario's sleeves.
I kinda missed this level of commentary, ever since Pannen stopped doing it. I still followed all his videos, and grokked them, but having watched this I get the feeling I was missing out on some little details. I definitely would have missed some stuff about this run, had it not been commentated. In semi-related chat, now that 0x 70-star is possible, I'm wondering when they'll get a full-route TAS done. I feel like that would be big enough an event that they might hold it for a special event - it would make for one hell of a TASBot block at *GDQ or *SA or another charity marathon. And also a hell of a long one, since BitFS has a multi-day idle. And staying synced across multiple days, on Wii, is going to be a major challenge if they run on real hardware.
The big difference is Chris-chan and Uliwhatever are obsessed with bad games and are complete Mega-Autist Chuunibyou about them. Pannen, Simpleflips, and this guy are pushing 100% technical analysis about M64's open-ended gameplay and mechanics, rather than their bizarre schizophrenic fanfic.
Also, on a related note, check out some huge progress for getting a 0x run on an actual N64: https://youtu.be/pCJMwsS6t5E
Maybe it could serve as a pre-event. They premier the 0x TAS and, once it ends, the actual marathon begins. Could be a fun way to get some early donations.
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