• Where would you rather be right now?
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I don't wanna go to work tomorrow
I wish I could go back to my home planet
At work, wish I was home.
I want to go back to where things were easier
God damn this thread is depressing, and now I feel weird for liking to go to work.
yeah. sometimes i wish i were home while at work but overall i like my job. it's a combination of doing shit i love, learning about the crazy shit we do, and producing things that end up helping my country
Don't feel weird, what you have going is good. It seems like now adays you're not supposed to be happy with stuff like that, not even calm. Thinking existentially can sometimes help people realize new concepts and possibilities, but when people think about this kind of stuff 24/7 their negative bias will make it a shitty, exhausting, unhelpful state to be in. At least that's how I currently view it.
There will always be times i wish I was home, as work never will be 100% fun. But as you said, overall I love my work, and my coworkers. Thanks! I'm very thankful for the job I currently have, where I can keep learning new stuff, and grow with more responsibilities.
I wish I could go back to 2012, before I had cancer, and tell myself to stop being such a nice and healthy person because in the end it won't matter. Stop sitting down and learning, stop denying your chances to have fun because you believe in a future across the border, the Grim Reaper has you on his list already. Go and live before he comes to collect...
A planet that isn't flat.
Broke down on the side of the road, wanting to go home.
Wow so deep.
inside someone's heart
i wish i could be out there living life unfortunately the transition from being sheltered and not going out much is hard and it only gets harder the longer you wait hope college and getting a job works out in that front
I wish I was on a break abroad... My bank account however, only allows me to go to the corner shop.
College helps. Have a friend who was terribly anxious and socially awkward + has mild autism. Once he went to college he opened up so much. Now he’s very outgoing awkward has had plenty of girlfriends, and is a confident business man. You have to be open to change and convince yourself that who you are now are just stories that can be changed. Exposure therapy definitely helps, do it a little at a time.
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