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Considering he pretty much just finished up Pro Blood like two months ago, he's pretty fresh off of the games too. More people need to get it out there that Nightdive rushed this remaster way too early, and I wouldn't be surprised if the creators of it didn't intend on that happening given the state the game's in.
The close up footage of the cultist doing the throwing animation yet throwing jack shit repeatedly was hilarious.
Gman said there nothing wrong with it, whereas Civvie's saying wait until they patch it, given how Civvie's not long since done Pro Blood (as was said already) I'm more inclined to believe that Gman somehow missed the problems as he hasn't played the other versions for quite a while.
That GmanLives slam was pretty good though
Gman's review is really just an overview of the game without really going into the port at all, so he probably has no idea just how borked any of it is. It's not easy recreating a game from one engine into another entirely, but that's why the previous Nightdive games that use the Kex Engine took their sweet time and got a number of hotfixes and patches post-launch. This port being so unfinished is the kind of thing that will leave a mark on their reputation until they mend it.
They've already had marks on their reputation if you've paid any attention to their past. This should serve as a wake-up call that Night Dive isn't your friend and isn't interested in faithfully and competently bringing back past classics.
Is this the first time a Nightdive remaster kinda sucked?
I was just about to post this! It was pretty surreal watching Gmans video where he talked about how great it is (the algorithm had shown it to me based on watching Civvies original ProBlood videos I’d imagine) and then Civvies video today displacing all the bugs and issues in the game. The devs even added an achievement based on Civvie and STILL he gets the good word out about this buggy remaster. What a stand up guy. Not sure if Gman got his pockets lined or what but it’s just an odd situation. Friendly reminder that Civvie will play the newest Duke Nukem once he gets enough subscribers.
You should check out the System Shock remake demo they did
I forgot about that abomination until you mentioned it.
I tried to play Forever again last month, and I got in as far as the stupid elevator brake sequence in the first damn chapter after half an hour of annoyance with getting billiard balls without proper physics into their holes for Ego Points. It may not be the worst thing i've ever played, but I wouldn't wish Duke Nukem Forever on even my greatest enemies, much less Civvie.
Gman is just mad Civvie makes original, high quality content. civvie doesn’t say SSSHIEEEET either which is a plus
Couple of levels in, and enemies are fucking falling off ledges and spinning in circles. What the hell is with this remaster?
If by sucked you mean has a few inaccuracies and bugs, Turok 2 was the same way. Considering how they port these games to the kex engine, it's kind of expected. I will say that not even Turok 2's multiplayer felt as rushed, but these guys don't just release the game and drop support. Kaiser and Edward even signed up on facepunch back when Turok 2 came out and answered a bunch of questions, even helped debug my shitty mod months after release.
Just like when they released the original, unmodified N64 maps for Turok 2. Wait a minute, that was two years ago, and nothing was ever released. WHERE ARE THE ORIGINAL, UNMODIFIED N64 MAPS FOR TUROK 2?
buried like those fucking barely playable escher maps should be
Yeah this is painful, the Nightdive crew are good people. :c
They're not perfect, but between this and the comments in the old Retro FPS thread, you seem to have a very stern grudge for them no one else seems to wholly agree with.
im looking forward to supporting this release when they fix it
I get a bit carried away on Night Dive because people are too willing to overlook their faults. Any company in gaming should be met with caution and not enthusiasm.
Besides Max's wonky animations, I thought the remake demo was as a proof of concept rather solid. And since then, they've gone to stick much closer to the source material. Not to mention that they do have an enhanced edition for System Shock 1 that IIRC is pretty good.
Gman's just kind of a bad judge of games in general I find. Civvie I've disagreed with on occasion, but Gman just makes some really baffling judgements.
Not to mention that they do have an enhanced edition for System Shock 1 that IIRC is pretty good. there was System Shock Portable (game+fixes) that was pulled out from game forum shortly before announcement of System Shock re-release, so there wasn't that much work to do there.
Following up to what I said before: it really feels like Gman hasn't played the original or any of the previous remakes for quite some time. Pretty much everything positive he had to say about this game was just positive things about Blood itself, with the exception of the Made to Order difficulty, it really didn't seem like he made any attempt to compare or judge the specific merits of the remake.
What a salty, salty boy https://twitter.com/Ggdograa/status/1127826981423214592?s=19
They gave it a proper remaster with Kex integration last year after acquiring and releasing the source code.
Why do people always use the "Well I'M enjoying it, so it's good" argument. No one cares that you're enjoying, just don't call people nitpicky or ask them "Do you enjoy anything?" if they have a problem with something.
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