• Taking Land Away From White People Is A Key Issue In South Africa’s Elections
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It seems like he tried to be fair by interviews supporters or representivies of both paries, and a citizen that should have benefited from the land that was redistributed to him. But what I'm confused about, if the "focus" on the video from the title is siezing land from white people in South Africa, could they not find one white farmer to interview to get their side about it?
This worked really well for Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.
I can't decide what the winner ratings are supposed to mean
The problem with Zimbabwe was how it was done. There was a lot of corruption and cronyism involved giving it to people incapable of managing/running it instead of more qualified people not associated with the president. This is a very touchy issue, but there is a case for it to be made that it matters a lot how that land was originally acquired and how much opportunity the black population had to get it originally. A generation and time shouldn't turn theft into legal ownership. South Africa's black population is very disenfranchised compared to the white population, and there was very little opportunity for them to acquire that land at all in the first place under British Rule.
the economic freedom fighters are the same guys who did this btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhUoN6U4btU
Really hope they aren't saying this is a good thing. This guy fucking threatens to take away the rights of white people and murder them (and probably full on segregate them while they're at it), with beautiful quotes such as “[the EFF] are not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now" and the mocking of a rape victim going by Wikipedia.
Also don't forget something that everyone drawing comparisons to Zimbabwe seems to: South Africa is not an agrarian country. Agriculture made up about 3% of South Africa's GDP in 2017 (and 10% of its jobs), and a large amount of foods in the country are imported. Zimbabwe on the other hand prior to land reform had a primarily agricultural economy, providing most of its own food as well as exporting to the surrounding countries. Redistribution of farmland in South Africa is simply not capable of causing the kind of damage it did in Zimbabwe, even if it's done just as badly which as you establish is a VERY big if.
So does that give them carte blanche to just kick people off their property and home? White colonists or not, those farmers have lived there for generations now, and have every right to consider it their homeland.
That's really not an argument I'm in a position to make because I don't follow the social situation in South Africa in detail. I just dislike the comparison to Zimbabwe because it ignores the fact that they are two very different countries with very different political situations, as I said before South Africa is more industrial, and of course Zimbabwe was a dictatorship for 30 years (and it's kind of debatable if it's actually stopped), by comparison South Africa is significantly more politically stable, ironically enough a major source of political instability in South Africa is a refugee crisis due to the amount of people fleeing there from Zimbabwe.
There must be a way to provide economic opportunities to the demographics of people who are still suffering generations down the line from ancestors who were unjustly segregated and discriminated against, just because it happened in the past doesn't mean that people today aren't still suffering from the consequences of past racism and discrimination, but this is NOT the way to go about doing it.
Probably get some flack for this, but one need look no further than the beret on the EFF leader's head to see that he's an out and out fascist. That's a bit of symbolism that has some pretty deep roots.
I always knew those girl scouts were up to something.
My gf's aunt used to live there, and so did her side of the family. They had to sell all their businesses, leave their jobs and just get out of SA because shit is scarier by the day for white people atm.
https://i.redd.it/guauojksx0321.png Polandball is great.
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