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What the fuck is up with the lipsync? Also, the antinuclear bias is clear so it's obvious this was funded by the Greens.
It's made by this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Juice_Media
eh I just like the accent and the noise they make.
There is something weird about the audio. It sounds like it was recorded with posh microphones like on the radio and there's just something 'off' about it. It seems to be in sync but there's a strange uncanny valley thing going on. I don't actually think this was funded by the greens as there are quite a few people who still find nuclear scary just because of its name. These two put out another video recently taking the piss on another issue.
Nuclear power is still woefuly fearmongered by just about everyone in Australia. That being said there's still not much you can do about it even with preferential voting since the Indie's and other parties tend to split the house forcing some really weird and obscure bullshit to be bargained with to be put through. Also, change to Sortition, the truest form of democracy.
Oh good, another one of those 'Man labor is just as a bad as the liberal' videos. Classic.
Lemme guess, Fukashima? Or does even Aus still have the "CHERNOBYL COULD HAPPEN HERE!" mouthbreathers
iirc, pretty much every political party in aus is at least passively anti-nuclear, just like in the US and UK. The only exceptions I know of are really small micro parties without any actual seats in government. We've never constructed nuclear power stations in Australia and our environmental groups are vehemently against them, so we are in a sense even more anti-nuclear than everybody else. In addition, Similiar to how Iceland gets a huge amount of their power generation from natural geothermial vents, we have plentiful access to natural resources like wind and solar year-round, so unlike other countries we arguably have no need for nuclear. There probably will never be nuclear power generation in Australia.
It just looks like shoddy ADR work. The actresses and the voice actors likely had wildly different diction when performing, so while the general flow of the sentences matches up, everything about it feels off as your brain struggles to match the accent to the exaggerated mouth movements of the actresses. Real fuckin common in advertising. Even when they aren't just re-dubbing an advert for a local market they manage to do this.
The argument I generally get is everyone worried about waste storage, you know, the thing that makes nuclear way better because you can actually do just that. Store it instead of let it fuck up the air
I dislike the greens because of their anti-nuclear stance, but i fucking hate them for their anti GMO stance.
dislike the greens because of their multitude of sexual harassment scandals and the fact they burn out environmentalists by using them as slave labour. yeah nuclear shouldn't be considered a dangerous technology anymore but nuclear disasters still sit in public consciousness next to 3-eyed fish and hazard signs what matters isn't who made the vid but it's message, preferential voting means you can properly rank your values as a voter instead of picking red or blue, and it's how a lot of smaller issues get brought up, by random political parties being formed to give it traction (australian sex party have already rebranded as the "reason" party but their sex-positive advocacy will be remembered in the australian political sphere.) it's important shit yo
Pretty hilariously spot on there, I looked into it when you mentioned it it turns out your joke is reality.
Videos like this are terrible; definitely a good way to further Americanise our politics. If the aim is to get people to vote differently, it would probably be more helpful to not be condescending against your intended audience.
the argument that both liberal and labor is shit or labor is only just less shit is damaging. the liberal government is so much worse than the labor government, there are statistics that prove this. we have been ranked highly among other countries when it comes to education and economy, thanks to labor. the statistics show this, every time we have had labor in, we go up, every time we have liberals in, we nose dive. we had the number 1 economy during the global financial crisis, thanks to a labor government.
I don't know why people think the liberals are 'fiscally responsible'. All they "do" in that regard is increase the amount money going into millionaires bank accounts.
I'm sorry but no lol, Kevin Rudd just went nuclear with handouts to avoid a recession in the GFC. That was the easiest short sighted solution. The reason he could was because of John Howard's penny pinching. Which on its own caused problems back then.
This would be so easy, and factually true, to say about the republicans. More so in fact. Look at the recent tax cuts. Purely at the benefit of the rich. Purely.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEHTiVmBC6g rather relevent ay (jordies going around interviewing people in scomo's seat and marginal seats)
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