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Loot and crafting? What?
This is the original vision that Lorne Lanning has been talking about here and there. How Lorne Lanning re-imagined Abe’s Exoddus as Oddworld: Soulstorm
After they revealed crafting at EGX back in 2017, I expected a much bigger departure, so I'm happy it's still in line with Oddyssey/New 'n' Tasty but with some new layers added. And as someone who loves the designs of the glukkon trains, I'm real happy to see them get much more of a presence.
The game picks up from where 2014’s Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty left off, and it is a re-imagining of Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus, which debuted in 1998. That original game was a bit of a rush job, ordered to come out on a fast deadline by the publisher at the time, GT Interactive. So they're pretty much making it what they originally planned Exoddus to be, rather than just directly remaking the game.
They momentarily unlisted the original upload, replacing it with this one saying 2020 instead of early 2020. However, they have now unlisted it and republished the original with its early 2020 release date. how ODD but it was probably because of the disparity in views
Oddworld is one of my favourite franchises and literally the first video game I ever played. I've always bought every game but I'm actually scared that this might be an EGS exclusive. I know it's a bit derailing to mention them but the fear of god is in me.
It's funny that they've given Abe and the Mudokons a more cartoony look since New 'n' Tasty, when the original Exoddus changed Abe's voice to sound more mature. Looks good, the main issue with New 'n' Tasty is that it changed the gameplay pretty substantially but didn't alter the level design or encounters to match, so it was both awkward to control and much easier than the original, unless you played on the 1 hit kill mode where the awkwardness of the game just made it a nightmare to get through (and things like the bats became much harder to avoid than they were in the original).
The Spyro and Crash remakes had that same issue as well. I know it is not the same company at all but it seems like stuff like this is hard to avoid when you are doing a remake/adding new gameplay elements.
That link just sends me to a blank 'blocked' page. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/222725/f4dd8689-4a7f-4d31-8dab-2e5d01e324c3/image.png
Besides expanding their first games with mechanics from the sequels, which were unintrusive, the main "flaw" with the Spyro and Crash remakes were the fundamental changes to core mechanics, like the wonky hit detection for Crash, or the crippling of Spyro's glide. Fundamentally the rest of the game design was entirely same, potential obstructions from visual changes aside. New 'n Tasty held most of the old mechanics, but streamlined them with Exoddus ideas and further, and then kind of broke them by having so many things glitch out or animate way faster than they reasonably should, and then changed like 80% of the level design and puzzles since the game was no longer screen-locked and had to remain a challenge for a far more awkwardly-nimble Abe. Like the security gates outside Rapture Farms, which changed from delicately complex scanners interweaving and going across the space all over the place, to slow physical scanners that could no longer cross with eachother at all resulting in basically a completely different puzzle on the same concept. I didn't hate my time with New 'n Tasty last year, but a number of the new puzzles were often really badly done, or at times even seemingly broken and requiring an improvised solution. I did rescue every Mudokon, but it felt like the game fought me every step of the way because of some limitation or bug, or things not working as intended by the developers - or just plain bad puzzles that don't seem to exist in the original (though that game was cruel in its own ways by comparison). It felt like besides all the weird audio and visual changes, the new devs they brought in to do the remake understood the basics of the originals but had no idea how to polish or properly design for that sort of thing at all.
Abe's Oddysee was the first game I ever played and to this day Oddworld has been one of my favourite things. I can't wait for this game. It looks amazing so far.
https://i.imgur.com/whEYmlt.png fixed it oc meme
Another issue is that they made the game a side scroller rather than a flip screen game. So the Sligs had to have red projections for their vision range because it'd be impossible to tell how far they could see otherwise, but in the original they could see in a straight line to the edge of the screen. This also meant any time you would have been able to go to the next screen to avoid a Slig in the old games you couldn't do it in NnT because the Slig could now see that area. It wasn't a huge issue in NnT but if they used the same system in Soulstorm and didn't change the level design many areas would become actually impossible, many of them early on. That and the game being a side scroller meant cycles had to work differently. There's a part where you have to ride Elum and jump across large gaps while dodging floating mines, in the original the mines movement cycles started when you arrived on their screen making their cycles 100% consistent. In NnT the cycles start when you enter the far left side of the area and don't reset when you die, you have to leave the area and return to reset them. I had an awful time trying to get through that part when I first played the game because I died and all the cycles were off, and a middle platform which had two mines was physically impossible to cross.
That image sums up my experiences with first oddworld perfectly.
I'd kill for a Stranger's Wrath remake. Being a bounty hunter was so much fun.
I was playing through it again recently up until I hit an area that was bugged and halted all progress. I'd love to see it get refreshed with modern visuals and controls.
I tried playing it on PC but all the button prompts were bugged as fuck so I couldn't even tell what the hell I was supposed to be doing.
Why remake it? The game still plays really well as it is and the HD version looks great. I'd rather have a sequel, given its ending, or a different action game like Fangus Klot. However full attention seems to be on the Quintology and Stranger's Wrath isn't a part of that, so I doubt it's top priority right now.
I'm still waiting on the Art book they're suppose to send out
The one being made by Harman and Robertson? If you haven't checked the KS updates, they're having a lot of back and forth with Oddworld on its production. It'll just be a couple of months later than expected, at least.
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