• Predator: Hunting Grounds - Reveal Trailer
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Hmm https://youtu.be/wiSmINxtLC8
...and it's a multiplayer game. A shame, really. I would love there to be a fully fleshed-out single-player stealth action Predator game like Dishonored where you run around taking people out in the jungle.
I feel like these type of games never live very long.
i'd love a predator game that played like the hidden
Why couldn't they just remaster Concrete Jungle?
Ain't those the same guys who made that Friday the 13th game?
Because despite the fact that it was apparently written by Grant Goddamn Morrison, the story ended up playing out like shitty fanfiction. Don't tell me you forgot about the part where the big bad AI reveals that she was in love with the player Predator and that's why she lured him to her city, did you? As for this game, I would have preferred more of a "Far Cry but with the Predator as the PC", but I've had fun with games like Dead By Daylight and Friday the 13th, I can see my friends and I having some fun with this, but that depends on what the gameplay is actually like. I hope they show off gameplay soon.
Crysis 1
I'll never forgive EA and CryTek for ruining that series. Crysis 1 was so much fun.
Yep. Be smart, don't buy this unless they put it on sale. Friday the 13th is a mess filled with potential that they never achieved.
Unfortunately I didn't get very far in the game, but it was fun regardless. Although, I really do like the idea of a Far Cry/Predator mix, since an open world with objectives would be appropriate for a Predator game.
Holy shit this was one my dream ideas you tell friends about. They better not fuck this up because I've been waiting years for a game like this.
Concrete Jungle really isn't a good game, the best thing about it is the Scarface predator giving snappy one-liners via audio playback. like when you beat the game and he literally yells "I'M THE BOSS OF THIS CITY" from the highest rooftop, it's fucking top-tier goofballs
I'm so fucking sick of every reveal trailer being pre-rendered soldier guys walking around in a jungle
Made me nostalgia over Aliens vs Predator 2 game from 2001. Not at all the same, but easily my favorite game that involved the Predator.
I really liked crysis 2. The gunplay was much better than the first game. I wish it kept the non-linear level design of the first game though
While I do agree with the general sentiment you're proposing... I feel a gameified skill-set like the Predator's is best suited for outsmarting living, breathing opponents. The iconography of the Predator also kind of limits you. Nearly everything we've ever seen of the Predator as a property has been Jungles and the admittedly apt "Just hunt" motivation behind the monster. It seems people don't want the Predator outside of this environment or without this specific character motivation because they've flopped massively when deviating from that premise (Predator 2, AvP 1-2, Predators). Looking at all of this tells me that's it would be quite hard to create a narrative for why you're playing a single player game as the Predator; and have that game be focused solely on that experience. The AvP games work because you're seeing 3 pieces put together and watching how they mesh in a given environment. A game solely about the Predator would be akin to the Arkham games definitely; but what could you possibly see as the narrative, and how would it work in motion? You could definitely make it work but I think the people who are competent enough to do it realistically are long gone from the industry.
I am excited personally. I played the shit out of Far Cry Instincts Predator and that had a predator game mode that was a blast.
If they went for such a simple premise, soldiers in a jungle with a Predator hunting them. Why the fuck didn't they just make the soldiers Colonial Marines? At least it would be more interesting that way.
Colonial Marines are an Aliens thing, not a Predator thing. If you included them, you'd have to make it an Aliens game or AVP game... Which would actually be pretty cool, an Asymmetric MP Alien game...
What's with the shitty electronic bongo remix of that classic theme the real Predator theme https://youtu.be/oXnAxydhZ8M
Augh I wish the rights to this weren't in limbo. Kinda weird how so many Monolith games ended up like that.
To be fair, part of that is because they got completely fucked by the massive Friday the 13th lawsuit that occurred. They were making good headway with new content and stuff but the lawsuit put an end to it all.
Ah yeah, IllFonic, the talented studio behind groundbreaking titles such as Sonic Boom, Nexuiz, and Dead Alliance.
It's a shame because that game had potential. It had jank out the ears, but playing as the survivors and Jason was fun. I felt more like Jason in that game than any other licensed property at the time made you feel. If this game can really focus on making the predator and soldiers fun to play, then it could be good. It'll definitely be janky, but it could be fun.
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