• Randy Pitchford is Poison (The Jimqusition)
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We've known this for a long time, it's a surprise the man is still in charge and allowed to be so vocal tbh.
I wish gearbox would just either go on strike or shut down already Go into debt Randy, fucking go away
The projared dig at the beginning was great
I mean honestly he's right, throughout the years i've rarely heard of any big sins regarding Gearbox itself, it's almost entirely Randy or centered on Randy, whether it be something he started or an actual sin of the company exacerbated to ridiculous extents by him.
They've had a few pretty bad games, not sure if Randy can be blamed for all of them (then again probably yes)
Ah yes, Randy really is kid holding with money tri-pul-ay bad! Okay realtalk? I'm just hoping that BL3 misses it's projections enough to shake up GB. The game looks like it'll sell either way, although I'm going to do my part by you know, not buying it. "Voting with your wallet does not work!" someone may say and while I think it does, I dont want to pay 60$ by something from Gearbox anymore. Mismanaging products and being an overall douche. This happened twice, both with Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens Colonial Marines.
What a fucking cock-sucker! If Randy had any children, then I would force him to watch as I rape them for 30 straight hours, just to teach him what true pain is like!
What the fuck
It's sad, but GB is actually a fairly good company overall. Ups and downs aside its been generally solid.
I'd agree with that if Todd Howard wasn't at the point where nobody believes a single word that comes out of his mouth.
I have a bunch of gearbox/2k employees on discord/Steam - Back in the Battleborn days I was invited down to the 2K offices in London for a bit of a LAN party on the game with a whole load of the devs they had flown out for a press tour and a couple of us, including Randy Varnell (Managing producer of narrative, still working on BL3 now) Most of the devs are just like any other dev you'd expect - Very passionate about the game and making it as good as they can, during the early tests they were very eager for feedback and quick to implement and try out new things. Everyone was real nice and genuine and you could tell they wanted to make a great game that people enjoyed playing, its just sad the circumstances surrounding BB's release and shoehorned multiplayer kinda made the game DOA. I still have a couple of press sealed press editions that come in a super fancy box with lots of fluff, was hoping if the game took off they'd be worth something but maybe they'll turn into some odd game history artefact down the line.
The problem with Randy is that he's not an arsehole when he does the game presentation stuff and you almost forgot that he is one, the way he talks as he does them makes it sound like he really give a damn about what he's doing, but then on the other side, he's a complete cunt and needs stop being the CEO for Gearbox and forcing them into a shit position.
He's cringy af to me, more than other cringy people.
I like your style dude
It really is amazing that guy is still in charge after all of the shit he's pulled.
Wouldn't be entirely surprised if he's pulling strings to keep himself propped up. The idea that he could've potentially attacked Eddings with more than just a shove over being denied info about company whistleblowers, on top of his sheer bloodthirsty aggression over the matter in the leaked texts, seems a lot like he'd root out any known dissidents and toss them out on their ass.
jim's jokes have been really on point in the last few episodes.
Why the fuck are you blaming the father? Everybody knows that the children caused their own fictitious bizarre rape fantasy at the hands of you, something that's a big no-no, especially when you more than likely saw the fucking mod team.
The devs do not deserve that. Borderlands is a great franchise because of their work, not Randy's. Randy needs to go down and Gearbox needs to keep going without him.
I find it funny that people are so worked up about Todd Howard, when nothing he's said or done is anywhere remotely close to Peter Molyneux, No Man's Sky or Spore. Even for Fo76, when it was presented in marketing and promotional documentaries like noclip, it's clear he's not actually the one in charge of that particular project. I feel like there's a lot of misplaced anger born out of misinformation about who does what at Bethesda in relation to their only trainwreck game so far. Then you can move the goalpost to Fo4 and Skyrim, at which point i'd be in the right if i just rolled my eyes and walked off. There's a lot of valid disappointment to be had around Fo4, but No Spore's Fable 3, it is not.
The sad thing is, despite how preferable this would be, it'll only happen if something shakes the company down and he's forced to step down. He owns gearbox. It either gets sold to a not shitty company or he resigns. That's the only way he leaves.
Oh i definitely agree with you, but i still don't trust anything the man says and that's built on years.
I get you. That's absolutely fine. But if you go deeper into the fandom, there's a lot of hate built on misconceptions going around and it's such a wild over-reaction even without having reference-points in the other 3 over-sellers.
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