• Disney's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Teaser
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I haven't seen the first one, is it good?
Bizarre music choice, but are we FINALLY getting a Evil Maleficent and not just Disney's 'Wicked'? Because The last movie was just trash outside of Jolie's acting, script notwithstanding. End shows that she goes to war with all of humanity because...she was actually evil to begin with?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/459/dd527a37-ea33-4ef4-a562-f073570c21f0/image.png wtf
This movie and its prequel feels like 15 years too late for its own good.
Disney, for fuck sake... Corporate America sucks ass. Is media EVER going to go back to giving a shit about artistry or effort, or anything that isn't about return on investment? I keep hearing Internet commentators tell us "fret not dear viewer, tis merely a trend; game developers tried to kill off single player games in 199X too... it'll all blow over..." But I'm not so sure. Disney anymore only leeches off its own legacy or that of others, with token effort to be marketable with "#progressiveness" shit thrown in just to make it feel even more cynical. Animated movies in general barely try anymore. EVERYTHING is dominated by marketing logic, and if you can fill seats or own Rotten Tomatoes, why even try? I think the MCU might be the only legitimate arm of Disney dedicated to more than crass corporatism, and even THAT isn't fully safe. Well... that, and weirdly their animated series division, because somehow we still keep getting kids shows with standards. But then, Gravity Falls was insanely successful, so ... sometimes the copycats focus on the right elements from time to time?
Any non major film studio still puts out original movies despite not being huge box office successes (!24,Annapurna etc.) But yeah Disney is ridiculously huge right now even more so with Fox under it's belt so it'll take a while before something that isn't franchise comes from them
everything about that is awful
I never got this complaint because there’s still single player games coming out, and great media coming out all the time. It’s a fact of life that most creative business ventures aren’t terribly original, and are cynical at their core.
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