• How the Nintendo GameCube Security was defeated (Modern Vintage Gamer)
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uxjl_kD3imQ He does alot of videos about old consoles and security and stuff
I have that exact Action Replay disc and I was always wondering what those little beads on the bottom were for.
Is this the guy that said cracking systems and homebrew aren't about piracy because that's a lie
Homebrew is not piracy, it just requires certain methods that piracy also uses.
Cracking systems can certainly lead to piracy, but it's not about piracy – it's usually about owning the system and doing what you want with it.
Man you must have missed out. I cracked my PSP back in 2007, and had all kinds of awesome mods. The whole UI was custom, boot screens were awesome, and I had HALO CE on that fucker. The old modding scenes were just genuinely awesome, sure you had piracy (Which was good imo cause there were a lot of games I never would have bought had I not been able to try them), but you had so much awesome user generated content that was completely disallowed by the companies producing the platforms.
I have an AR disc+SD reader in my GCN, a modded Wii, and a modded Wii U. And I use all these mods entirely for non-piracy things, such as custom Game Boy Player software, video mode settings/hacks in GCN games, and custom patches for Wii/Wii U games (namely translations). I maintain large physical libraries for all of these systems that I bought legitimately. I am a living example that disproves the "homebrew = piracy" myth, and it annoys me every time I see someone bring it up.
For a lot of people who crack systems it is genuinely about the challenge of breaking "locks" and making things work on the system that were never intended to. Just because most of the people who follow guides to crack their systems are probably doing it for free games doesn't make the dedicated amateur programmers getting involved in cracking and homebrewing for fun and the people who crack their systems to play legitimate games on them not exist, and lumping them all together is a dick move.
A homebrew game is just an unofficial game. How is that piracy? Cracking systems also isn't piracy because private copying (Making personal copies of ROMs) is perfectly legal, thus you can argue that if something were to happen to the originals disks, you should be allowed to run your private copies just as well. The only way to do that is to crack the system.
Sure, but what are a large chunk of users who crack their system going to do? Not that I mind, infact I kinda view this as necessary (not a necessary evil - just necessary) to ensure preservation of both a system and it's games. Really doesn't matter after a point especially with consoles like the gamecube that had no online marketplace
It's not necessarily about piracy, in fact I recall at least one situation where reversing folks who managed to make the breakthrough in cracking certain systems went out of their way to make sure that the tools they produced from their efforts couldn't be used for piracy, because that's not what they're interested in, they're interested in unlocking the potential of the system for running homebrew. It's just that the moment you crack something for homebrew, piracy is always going to follow in its footsteps. But it would be revisionist to say that the people doing the cracking 'primarily do it for piracy'. That's clearly not their intentions, though I'm sure they're aware that it is a result of their work all the same.
Dude I want a Switch just for Linux4Tegra
If you buy a computer, you should be able to run your own software on it. If you can't, you don't really own it.
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