• Red Dead Online [is out from Beta]
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my fucking ass, it's still boring as fuck
If the prices of cosmetics and whatnot weren't so appallingly awful, I probably could have powered through any boredom and got some enjoyment out of it. As it stands I am just genuinely disgusted by the micro-transaction practices on display by them.
I miss GTA 4's simple multiplayer.
The game's barely changed since it launched in """beta""", the fuck?
GTA Online was great in its infancy, with the only real threat being tanks which were easy enough to defeat if you were coordinating with other players. It felt like GTA4 freemode just with more cool stuff thrown in. Unfortunately, like with many things in recent years, it was ruined by microtransactions. Corporate greed ruined it. The worst things in the beginning, heavily armored death machines like the tank and "premium vehicles" that you couldn't steal and put in your garage, were ultimately what got exponentially worse and ruined it. At least we have FiveM I guess. That's the closest you can get to the GTA4 online experience.
PC release and RedM when?
Don't hold your breath.
Only on EGS
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/133959/efaf7dc5-b8ad-490c-9ab0-cb14d6ac67df/image.png Gotta love this industry when the majority don't seem to give a fuck. Are there any decent servers that play similar to GTA4 or just have scripts that focus on the crazy open-world aspect? I'd love to get back into it, but the last time I checked, the list was swamped with cops n robbers RP servers and simulators.
I actually don't think this will be a reality. A lot of RS's cash flow is by recurrent user spending. Cash cards. Guess what you can't currently do in the current version of the epic storefront? Now when this is fixed (because it will be - eventually) then I can see this being a possibility... but I think at that point Epic will run out of money it can use to freely influence developers and the ones who they did bring on will then see for themselves if hopping on the Epic bandwagon was worth it. GTA5 is still one of the most popular games on Steam for some reason, too. RDR2 might not have the punch that GTA has (although it should - games great) and honestly with something that big I don't think Epic's peanuts will be worth much. Them offering a larger cut would prove tempting to someone smaller but RS doesn't need a larger cut when their name alone is just so big.
This is from the same people who can't make a good server and who can't distinguish hackers from people who are trying to play the game RDR2 online is probably going to be as fucked as GTA 5 online on PC
Depends on if they will still use peer to peer, as the lack of security checks made GTA5 trivially easy to hack. Or in other words: History is cyclic.
At the end of the day though, Rockstar doesn't make those decisions, Take Two does, and since Borderlands 3 is also an EGS exclusive, I'm willing to bet that RDR2 will be as well.
Bigger cut with no recurrent user spending (as of yet!), smaller cut with recurrent user spending and larger userbase to the point where your most successful game is still one of Steam's best sellers... I know I'm likely going to get people foaming at the mouth because I'm not getting incoheriantly angry at Epic, but I really can see why a lot of devs are jumping on with them. Here though... no. I think it is deeply ironic that cash cards and pay to win nonsense might keep the game grounded on Steam. AFAIK Borderlands 2 didn't have any recurrent user spending stuff. You could buy skins... but you coulden't buy box keys or whatever. If you could, then that would be recurrent user spending. Which EGS does not have as of yet. They'll totally add it in later though
I think that's actually unlikely because rockstar has their own incredibly shitty service
Gaming...has changed.
GTA 4 MP was pretty simple & fun. Same goes for MTA & SAMP (but those are community work and its still popular to this day). FiveM is superior anyways.
Freeroam being just one of the modes made GTAIV's multiplayer a lot better IMO. People actually played the other game modes because they weren't just dumped into a pseudo-MMO open world. Plus there was no power creep in a game where you always start out with a pistol and the clothes on your back.
It's just funny these execs that are greedy don't even realize they can make even more money by actually making a game EVERYONE can enjoy and maybe spend a little money on, not just the whales and people who are rich/money handed to them/streamers/kids with parents cards/ect.
I mean, you say that, but GTA V is the most profitable piece of entertainment ever released. So I think they know exactly what they're doing, and sadly, it's working.
I did my part https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/228812/82a39153-869c-41d4-9500-11a8e3eb4fce/Knipsel.PNG
If you paid $60 for a AAA game that's still in beta, just quit gaming.
i mean the single player part alone is worth the $60 imo definitely one of the most polished games i've played in recent memory
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