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I didn't even realize youtube supported 8k. My bandwidth alone doesn't even afford me 4k streaming
IMO the newest display tech that actually matters is HDR, I've seen 4K, 8K, and dual 8K screens at CES, and honestly the resolution is lost on me after 4K. But what doesn't lose me is better and better HDR implementations, those really amaze me actually. The clarity and brightness that can be conveyed on an OLED HDR panel is unmatched, and it's something that's just hard to describe (like 144Hz), I really wish HDR would trickle down into consumer monitors.
4k 288hz OLED being commercially affordable would be nice
LG is just now getting true 120Hz OLED TVs on to the market, but it requires HDMI 2.1 (for 4K@120), and there's no HDMI 2.1 in existence yet...
I swear it was at CES this year.
I didn't see it. Actually, even LG didn't demo their 120hz capability this year either, it was all about that ~TV-fruit-roll-up~.
I wish affordable 1080p 144Hz OLED HDR monitors were a thing. I just wanna play my shooters with nice color depth, I don't need a 4k monitor. Same with phones. I can't really see the point of going past 1080p if it means games can barely run 60fps...
I want the color depth for art projects; mainly the Tabletop Titlecards.
Youtube is really shit with compression, so 4k is more like 1440 if not worse Tbh I want the more realistic but somewhat-far-off idea of an ultra wide, or even super ultra wide that runs at 2160p rather than just 1080p. I'd love a 100hz 2160p ultra-wide, with a far higher resolution 35+ inch secondary monitor.
TBH the only content that really benefits from 4k and beyond are games. Videos have to use ungodly amounts of compression to keep the video at a reasonable size.
As the owner and user of both 4K/10/1000 nit and 8K/10/550 nit, 8K absolutely makes a difference in 35" and above formats, physically; not "perceived image quality", and it doesn't help that windows UWG is a muted color crushing banded mess designed for phones and websites, not games or media. Most of 'ohh shiny' from HDR on windows is from the 10bit color not the HDR, especially those can only hit 500 or so at max luminance.
My experiences with HDR and 8K displays are primarily from the show-floor of CES, FWIW. I can't tell an appreciable difference between 4K and 8K on anything that doesn't exceed a comfortable viewing angle, so 4K is plenty for me (and I assume most people too), HDR is something I certainly notice, and I think other people do too. Sony has some very impressive LCD HDR technology, just in pure nits, but OLED is where it's at – and LG is king there. Samsung's Micro-LED was impressive in pure nits, but I don't know if they'll be able to scale it down to displays smaller than 72".
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