• DanielFromSL: Epic Mindgames
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Also, just an FYI, afaik he's using admin commands on his own server, not harassing people with external cheats on someone else's server, so it's all in good fun.
I've seen this one before, unfortunately. I thought for a minute that this was new DNSL original content, as his videos are instant watches whenever we get them, as they're so rare and so brilliant. His Twitch got deleted because they thought he was hacking, so I don't even know if we'll ever see another video from him.
He's been back on twitch for a while now. He's been streaming a game show in gmod where 40 people have to survive and the last one wins $100. It get's pretty funny because the contestant can't really directly kill each other, so it's basically like a social battle royale. He usually streams at night on the weekends. https://www.twitch.tv/dnslgames
I've worked with Daniel and his personality is exactly the same outside of the videos. His existence is surreal.
I read some drama about him on an unofficial subreddit about him acting like a dictator in his discord and official subreddit and having a sensitive banhammer , one of his patreon supporters complained that Daniel banned him from the discord because he didn't reply back to Daniel's message in 10 seconds or something like that.
I was banned from the Discord on a coin clip.
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