• The Mystery of the Giant Enemies in Ocarina of Time
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqTz8bI_dS4 I had no clue this was a thing in these games.
The last thing I learned about OOT that blew my mind was that you could deflect Ganondorf's multi-shot move with a spin attack.
I always thought that was the default way to repel the attack. What was the other way?
I knew about using bottles like 10 years before I ever learned about the spin attack thing.
I did always like items that let you cheese Ganon, like the fishing rod in TP
What about the instakilling the forest boss in Wind Waker using magical forest water, which was discovered almost 14 years after the game's release
That's one of my favorites because it actually makes sense, just that no one really thought of trying it
Going just beyond Zelda, I love unexpected options in games that devs leave as easter eggs/alternative methods to win. Like X-Zone instant-killing invisible enemies in FF6 -- but when you use it on a specific boss that utilizes invisibility as a unique mechanic you crash the game and corrupt your save, which players abused to gain weird inventory glitches like millions of an item when the cap is normally 99. Or using healing spells/items to damage/kill undead in, well, any game that does that. And, of course, obligatory mention of Psycho Mantis reading your controller inputs in MGS, making him effectively impossible to defeat until you bigbrain (or you codec Campbell so many times he spells it out for you) and plug your controller into port 2 where he can't read your 'mind'. And the boss that just fucking dies of old age if you leave your console on for several days.
Encountering these as a kid were the freakiest thing ever.
Finding it really damn hard to watch this video cause of the way this dude talks
I never knew they could scale that far. Something I didn't know about and learned watching a randomizer last night: Dark Link as near perfect defense if you use Nayru's Love, the magic invincible barrier. Unless you jump attack him so the hitbox of your sword hits behind him, D.Link will block everything you throw at him, basically mimicking your own cheesiness. Old games are fascinating because they have tons of hidden stuff and workarounds due to the constrains of the time. Like how Mario in 64 can never fall asleep if he has his back turned towards a ledge because (this is my theory) Mario's hitboxes are tied to his various body parts and if he did fall asleep, he would fall off. Unlike in Odyssey, where he can sleep hanging over a ledge most likely because his idle animations don't affect his position in the environment, unlike his low poly counterpart due to how games are programmed. They most likely coded that condition to avoid players falling off a platform due to inactivity. Sort of failsafe.
I finally started playing OOT 3D a couple months ago, a lot of the old little tricks and glitches were kept in that version, including these giant enemies, and its pretty fascinating seeing it again after not playing it in years. I kinda miss this style of games. The cool thing about the 3Ds version is that they improved on a bunch of the animations. Some of Link's animations from Twilight Princess were brought into that version, including Link twirling his sword during battle, which is a nice touch. A few characters which had stiff animations before were given new ones. It's so cool seeing something so familiar given a nice new fresh coat of paint.
No, mario's hitbox is a cylinder that doesn't move with his model. The devs just thought that mario sleeping on air looked weird
what's that?
You hear tidbits about how Yiga clan members have an obsession with bananas, and iirc if you drop bananas around the higher Yiga members they get distracted and run after the bananas, I believe it works with the leader as well. And as a bonus, it also works in the Champions Ballads boss which is a Divine Trail Monk, which makes sense because the Yiga are just rogue Sheikah Clan members and the monks all have Sheikah eyes draped on them
I wouldn't be surprised if it was the case. 3D had just started and they tried to keep a certain logic to things much more grounded, especially since this was Mario's first step into 3D. Both Lakitu and Navi sole purpose of existing was to help players back then visualize and comprehend camera movement. Everything about Mario 64 was carefully planned to be tightly controlled the way it is so, could very well be the case. I just thought it was made to avoid mistakenly lose progress for not pausing and sitting idle. Maybe back then, seeing a 3D character float over nothing was weird so they polished it while today, it's perfectly fine to have such silliness because it's a videogame.
I adore useless eastereggs like this, just, bizarre little things you'd never discover unless you just kinda fart around in a game
Here you go, a complete rundown of SM64's sleeping mechanics: https://youtu.be/7OtW-LLZ2OA
Similarly, most people who have played through Dark Souls have never encountered a Vagrant https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/490/2d554ab8-94bf-47b6-b20c-e0d57a0a4246/image.png
I didnt even know they existed until someone mentioned in the From Software thread like 2 years ago. It blew my mind lol
what thee fuck
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they show up when someone drops an item. After a while it disappears from their game and shows up in someone else's. if THAT guy doesn't pick it up, it'll keep moving moving from game to game. if it goes on for a while the next world the item goes to turns into a vagrant. then you can kill it for a random useful item there's another version. if you die with a lot of humanity and don't collect it, there's a chance it'll show up in someone else's world as a mean red version that drops humanity. out of the countless times I've played this game, I've only ever seen one of these
I've encountered precisely ONE vagrant, and that was during the community "lets keep the game alive" thing a year or two back. It was hanging around the church in the Undead Burg just past the Tower Knight, so I have some idea how it got there Weird little creatures, the fact they're so rare is cool as fuck though.
a big fucken no, and that's the moderator post too, so good luck about that.
Where is this guy from? The enunciation he puts on certain words (especially at the end of sentences) is really strange to me and it actually makes this hard to watch a bit. Odd word choices as well. Though otherwise, I like shit like this, stuff people don't commonly find out about in an older game til years later. The one secret level in Doom II that wasn't discovered (legitimately) until 24 years after its release comes to mind.
ZFG made the largest possible stalchild a month ago. https://youtu.be/STkuuRb0QdA?t=716
Was that a thing they added to the 3D version? I could've sworn the sword twirling was on the N64 version too.
There was no sword twirling in the N64 version.
reminds me of the secret 1up in whomp's fortress, that fucked me up https://i.imgur.com/lTWZFcG.jpg
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