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Dunno why, but I get the feeling that this show has jumped the shark ever since Netflix grabbed a hold of it.
I've seen nothing but an increase in production value since Netflix got involved. I don't know where you're getting that idea from.
I've watched this show since its debut on Channel 4 in the UK and the writing has remained consistently good. San Junipero is one of my favourite episodes and that happened after the move to Netflix. The production values have definitely gotten better too.
Increase in production value, yes, but my mum and I agree that the episodes became in average less imaginative and more predictable after Netflix took over. San Junipero is awesome but you could figure out the twist within 10 minutes.
My favourite episodes overall did occur before the switch to Netflix but my least favourite episodes were also before Netflix, so I think it has remained pretty consistent. The Waldo moment is the worst episode IMO and that happened before Netflix acquired the show.
Metalhead was really refreshing, even if it's regarded as the worst of that season.
I enjoyed season 4 a lot more than 3. Nosedive was the episode I hated the most out of the entire series, even though The Waldo Moment is close. Nosedive was completely predictable from beginning to end, it was boring and frustrating to watch. Hated in the Nation made up for it though. But I still think the first 2 seasons were more imaginative and poignant.
It is only 3 episodes?
3 Quality episodes that stick with you is better than 10 mediocre ones that don't. The Christmas special one still fucks with me to this day.
I will admit some post-Netflix episodes were very "meh," but with Netflix came some phenomenal episodes. Shut Up and Dance, Black Museum, and USS Callister are superb. But honestly? Metalhead felt underwhelming, as did Playtest. But like you said, the early seasons were the same way. 15 Million Merits is a Black Mirror staple to me, but Be Right Back was forgettable.
I guess I'm the only person on Earth who really liked Metalhead for its simplicity and lack of an overt message. It's basically just "smol robit mercilessly hunts down like three people" and I love it for that.
I liked Metalhead as an idea in its own right. It's very interesting, and I'd like to see more things done in its style and setting. That being said, in my opinion, it was utterly and confusingly out of place being in Black Mirror.
I felt there was a message in metalhead, even if it's sort of a crude and practical one. I think it serves as a cautionary tale for just how dangerous robots meant for killing can be. That seems like a bit of a absurd message, but we've seen a lot of development in the field of automated warfare and the episode does serve as a good horror story for people who might think that developing automated killing machines is a great idea.
I dont even see how metalheads is " out of place". Its straight forward not confusing. It showcases horrors of modern technology being abused by humans. Look at the current state of governance these days and tell it it's not possible that we get fucked by some war mongering idiots with weapons they lost control of.
Holy shit the first paragraph introduction for this just reaks of bum sniffing superiority. Like that whole intro made me actually have to pause the video and audibly say "dude, shut up" "I feel its gradually succcumb to the pressure of trying to keep originally at the expense of subtltly to the point it fringes on reducing itself plainly about evil technology and philisophical meandering survived by vapid pop culture pandering." What a load of trite. He even tries to dismiss anyone that calls him out by saying "you're still caught up on it aren't u so smart!!!"
Charlie Brooker has said that he only does new episodes when he feels he has good ideas and scripts for them (IIRC).
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