• Man goes to Belarus Chernobyl zone unguided, finds people still living there
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIC73xZPLgU AND THEN THE MAD LAD WENT BACK AGAIN, and he brought food with him to the nice people in the first video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISToBIkSNbM
recently started watching this channel, can't get enough. its super fascinating the way he just travels to places and the people he meets along the way. i'm completely in love with this man.
He does it so professionally too, in the sense that he's no nonsense - he delivers great information, he's interesting to listen to, he gives a first-hand look into these places & the people who live there. It's just great content all-around.
Every time I go to my grandmother's I also get a huge bag of eggs.
That was so heartwarming, especially the second video.
That second video was great!
That was really heartwarming. Babushka seems so nice and welcoming. She probably has a lot of stories.
Damn, how often do easter europeans take a swig of vodka. I would be fucked..
It breaks your heart when they opened the fridge and they didn't have anything in it. But, yet they're still generous and share their food. I find that the poorest of people are the ones who give so much.
wasnt this already posted?
Get out of here, STALKER
What an amazing lady. Was she or her son born in 1927?
The son was born in 1927 the mum was born years after her son.... /s
Reminds me of the people who refused to leave Centralia. Must be so lonely up there, but they seem to be happy anyway. I wish I had this dude's charisma. His India videos are awesome because he doesn't take any bullshit from the people trying to scam him.
The fridge is always full with more eggs than one can eat
Its amazing how Babushka was just so warm and inviting. Living up to the Babushka legend of making sure all children are well fed.
Mum don't swear.
It's kinda bonkers the way Chernobyl is recovering. You'd think because of stuff like Stalker that it's some irradiated hellscape and honestly there's thriving wildlife and as shown people still live there. Even in Belarus, where 1 in 5 people still live on contaminated ground, life goes on. Life's crazy.
Highly irradiated zone Find an old empty Soviet covered with radioactive dust food can on the ground Let me drink some wodka out of it Doesn't get more STALKER than that.
My favorite fact is that the Chernobyl power plant was still producing power up until 2000.
This is pretty darn amazing. This is just like an rpg when you get your early game stuff before the harsh stuff starts kicking in.
this channel is phenomenal, it's so comfy
I LOVE this guy's stuff. He's really charming and does a great job at showing you the people and cultures of different countries.
Yeah, I started binging his videos and my mom got hooked too when I told her about it.
99% babushka 1% mutation
Its because poorest people know the feeling of need. Really heartwarming video. Props to the guy for his Russian skills, even though they lack in places, I commend him for his ability to understand those villagers, as I myself found difficulties understanding them (and Russian is my mothertongue)
I'm not seeing a single actual screenshot or video of gameplay, just a fancy CG trailer and pre-generated artwork on the website, so color me skeptical until something of more substance is released.
This guy is a true tourist. Instead of going to obvious popular locations in a country he instead goes to the most unknown rural ass middle of nowhere places possible.
This is what I did when I was in Florida. Fuck going to Orlando and falling into all the tourist-trap shit like Disney World and Universal. I went to Vero Beach and hung out in small communities and met actual people. Then again, it was Florida. So the people were of varying quality.
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