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I didn't hate Days Gone myself, though I WAS disappointed, which is a shame because, imo, the core gameplay works just fine. Deacon, however, is a terribly written protagonist and that's being generous, and while I don't quite agree with Yahtzee's remark on the repetetiveness of the world (I think it's pretty gorgeously rendered) it's undermined by the fact that there is very little to do in it and thus no incentive to actually get out and explore the darkest corners of the map. The plot similarly just ambles on and while there's a pretty decent soundtrack, any effort put into it during the story moments is undercut by the fact that I simply don't care about any of the people living in the world of Days Gone; they're either bland or generic or just plain unlikable. The hordes offer some fun though imo, and I quite like how some of them can amble in unannounced or almost unnoticed until they're right on top of you. My first was encountered as I was clearing a checkpoint and, as I crept through a stretch of long grass I hear a squawk and as soon as I turned to check in the direction of said noise I almost felt my eyes boggle right out of my sockets as there was a horde trudging a hop-skip away from where I was hidden. It was actually pretty chilling stuff. I wouldn't call Days Gone a bad game by any stretch, just an aimless one. I think Yahtzee more or less hit the nail on the head in his concluding notes in that it feels quite often like there were several different ideas just pulled and stretched out in entirely different directions. To top it off, there's a distinct lack of variety with regards to missions of any kind (go to place, murder everything at place or, alternatively, pick up thing and return thing to other place).
I can see it in my mind: some programmers made a prototype with the horde simulation. Somebody in charge of money, fresh off coke, saw it, scream "Holly shit! That's amazing! This is the good stuff, this is exactly what we need". They took on some writers for hire, some project managers, outsourced lots of assets and tried to squish out a AAA product from all of those people while the person in charge of money got sober and realized what a horrible mess he set in motion only to be proven right by the sale numbers.
I just hate how immersion breaking the audio could be at times. I could be sneaking through a camp and suddenly deacon would scream shit over the radio. "IM AT THAT CAMP RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR HIDEOUT, I PLAN TO KILL THEM ALL." Id also receive the same dialog over and over again, as well as people talking over each other constantly to where I couldn't make out what was said.
Had that very same problem with State of Decay where the game had a stealth oriented approach to the zombies, but the characters would talk loudly at each other no matter the situation.
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