• The Nintendo character with zero Google results
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I just watched this an hour ago because it showed up on my recommended. Super interesting video.
Pappy for Smash
DAMN IT, I'm too late. https://i.imgur.com/4FJDgfH.png
I love how enthusiastic Nick is about video games. His videos are always super interesting.
cool discovery, but my god get to the point, this felt like watching a GameExplain video
God dammit https://i.imgur.com/V0GQ450.png
I am sorely tempted to go there and check if any of those two images predates the video.
I don't know, the coolest parts of the video wasn't just the reveal of the character itself, but the stuff around it. The way Nintendo designed the whole game along with the reverse of the dark patterns with light patterns and the overall concept of haggling gave it not just context, but a neat overview of the game itself. This was the kind of game not just made to just make money, but an experimental gameplay element that's woven into the premise.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/550/1de1968f-cdf5-4ffd-91c5-f6d6ce751374/Screenshot_2019-05-16 Google Trends.png haha i found his google search on trends.
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