• what happened to our study girl?
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What a bit of a....whiplash of mood you got there. I was just tuning in to the station too so when the music dipped I got a little nervous of some sort of scare. Kind of worked.
idk abt this
this vid has good intentions but man what a fucking strange way to present them
Man that invoked a lot of emotions in me in a really quick time frame. I am not 100% sure if this is a great way to invoke this message but it sure will stick with me.
The message is good, but I think it's a little overdramatic.
The knife was a bit much I'd say, I feel like they could have left it at the crying but I guess they had to present a suicide attempt for the message to be clearer, still I feel like they could have thought of something better than literal seppuku. Good intentions though.
suicide by gutting yourself has not got to be a nice way to go
I imagine it's like she's super depressed under the false pretense of her calm studying demeanor and the knife was just something she had there for a while but struggled to go through with it. People who would try to commit suicide from what I hear is never 100% planned out, only that no else has found out about the act until it's too late. Again reminds me of those fucked up government psa's of yore of how super blunt the message is. Take a pick since 90% of them are all fucked up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OT8lw1Rl-WM
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