• Rodney Mullen is the most mellow, wholesome speaker you will ever hear!
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmA55DOJrB8 I think this is probably the closest I've ever seen, of a person "making it" and turning the luxury of having made it big into a non-stop marathon in learning intellectually, further exploring and expanding his life experience and putting all of his energy towards things that aren't hinging on being inherently productive or potentially profitable. He also did ted talks on creativity and he essentially advocates that you don't do things with the explicit goal of achieving someting, but that you work to achieve something from the things you find interest in and that you explore and follow that to achieve things that come naturally with that passionate investment. It's very zen and kind of unachievable for most people. but he does make a good case for no skillsets or passions being fruitless.
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